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Amitabh Bachchan

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The Shehanshah of Bollywood

Hello, everybody in celebrity week, to know some peculiar things and Facts about the celebrity which we enjoyed in Bollywood for a long. 

Today we are making a daring effort, of beaming some light on a persona, who himself is a Light House, a power source of talent and tower of the highest milestone in the Indian Film Industry ever seen so far.

Yes, you are right, who else is such great, our good old friend the Big B, true Shehanshah, he has made millions of fans worldwide, the Angry Young Man of Bollywood, and there are many nicknames he got, the One and only Amitabh Bachchan, born in 1942 on 11th October in then Allahabad now PrayagRaj. You will find some great information at the bottom, related to his love and passion with other Bollywood co-actress in his heydays.

No need for an introduction, his work, and acting style is seen by more than our three-generation, but still running with the same stardom, persona, and elegance.

About his Journey and unique tales 

Amitabh Bachchan has beaten the likes of Charlee Chaplin and Marlin Brando in the Star of the Millennium race.

  • Can you imagine a man performing the role of son, for his real son, but he has done so in a movie called PAA with his Son Abhishek?
  • His father HarivanshRai almost named him` Inclaab’ meaning revolution but changed it afterward as Amithabh meaning brilliance never-ending. Bollywood would have lost him, as his first desire was to be in the Indian Air force.
  • The initial carrier of this slim, heavy pitched voice man was a real disaster as rejected two time on All India Radio, as his seven Back to back movies were down and Flop and no actress were ready to work with him, but salute to him, as he deserved to hit back with the movie Zanjeer, a then Blockbuster. 

Then came the golden age of his life, with some super hit movies like Ramesh Sippy’s Sholey, Agnipath, Mukaddar ka Sikander, Abhimaan, Sharaabi, Coolie, Deewar, Kabhi Kabhi, and many lists to follow. 

Amitabh has a very good voice and sang songs in many of his movies, just movies are not his only world to achieve greatness, we know him well for his recent success for a mega-talent show the ‘Kon Banega Crorepati’ which broke all records of TRP on TV, and gave relief in the troubled water of his Company the ABC Limited.

He has played very mesmerizing roles as a senior actor also in movies like Baghban, Suryavansham, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam, Mohhabatein, and called the new generation a massage by making Budhha Hoga Tera Baap recently.

He nearly got killed on the shooting of Coolie, when Punit Essar punched a fatal blow breaking his ribs accidentally, again recovered and came back with the same energy.  

This Bollywood Star was once known to be in a love affair with Rekha, the most loved couple duet to get enormous success together, Rekha was seen to wear sindoor oh her forehead many times but was married to Jaya Bhaduri other Actress of that era.

The story of his success is not easy to elaborate on any pages, he is larger than life, adorable and unconquerable by any means, and also once became MP from then Allahabad. His magnitude and earning are of no match. He is endorsing many renowned brands, but he is a BRAND in himself.

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