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Shah Rukh Khan

Journey of Shahrukh Becoming King Khan

Interesting Facts about SRK you must know

Hello Film Indians, you are welcome at celebrity week, we are here looking for Our Favorite Bollywood Stars.

Do you know the reason, why he is called the ‘Badshah’ of Bollywood, or rightly ‘King Khan?’

At the End of the discussion, I’m going to share why he stole a tire once?

The megastar of 90 s who made his path from the streets of New Delhi, he used to be an ordinary boy, born to lead an extraordinary life, born on November the 2nd 1965. Anybody hardly knows that our Shahrukh Khan once was more inclined towards sports in college days, had he not faced a shoulder injury, Bollywood would have lost him.

Before his entry in Bollywood was losing the ticket sales, and lacked glory. With his Entry Film industry saw a resurgence, Shahrukh khan with some new generation made a massive hammering impact on Bollywood, which otherwise would have gone in obscurity.

That period of resurgence was also called the New Bollywood, where full magnitude of life and the larger than life picture on the silver screen was presented, and that too was due to an ordinary TV actor called Shahrukh khan.

Some listed exiting facts about Shahrukh Khan you must know;

  • His Looks and Acting were very similar to the Great Bollywood heartthrob Dilip Kumar, who did he followed a lot at a time.
  • Sharukh khan has done a master’s degree in Mass communication from Jamie Miliea Islamiyah University in New Delhi.
  • Khan is so profound and charismatic actor, as he could perform both the hero and negative framed villain with equal fire and passion, and his handsome features were like cheery on top of the cake. His style and dialogues are so powerful that ran parallel in the hearts of millions of his Fans worldwide even today.
  • Shahrukh khan has attained unimaginable stardom, and also retained it for so long period undoubtedly. He has made the most out of his celebrity status and racked in a fortune out of Bollywood industries by hosting many award functions, and endorsement with the likes of Tagheier, Airtel, Videocon and Hyundai to maximize his income and plays in millions.
  • Despite falling from the 2nd position from Forbs list in 2018 to 13th place for richest Indian, and the drop of endorsement by nearly 30%, he still manages to an income of 7.8 million dollars which is expected to rise in the coming years.
  • After many ventures in life, he tried his hands by running a production house called Dreams Unlimited with Juhi Chawla, and later on made the Red Chili production on his own.
  • His passion for cricket can be seen, as he owns in partnership with Juhi again an IPL team KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders), winning the tournament in 2K12 and 14.
  • After marrying Gauri Chabaria in 1991 having three offspring, Shahrukh has been accused of having a wandering eye over then co-star and Miss World Priyanka Chopra in Don in 2006.
  • King Khan was also well known to use his celebrity stature for helping the less fortunate, on several occasions, by educating and sending social messages regarding Polio vaccination and education missions in India.
  • He has made his fortune like none other and can purchase what his heart desire, and doing so, as he owns many Harley Davidson and Bentley in his garage to roam, a villa in Dubai, a house in London posh area, and Mumbai attractive Bungalow called ‘Mannat’.

What more to achieve, all world’s stardom and success story to tell and is still Bollywood’s richest persona. The most loved and cherished Badshah is like an iconic figure in India.

Before wrapping, there is something to enjoy, once Shahrukh revealed in an interview, for stealing the tire of a car to change his own flat tire, leaving a thank you note for the owner on the window of that car.

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