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SS Rajamouli

SS Rajamouli, Director with Hollywood in Mind

Fantasy and Action King Bahulbali Director

Hello, every Film Indian, today lets discuss the unseen happening which took place, here in Indian cinema which was beyond our imagination till 2015 when Bahubali the beginning hits the silver screen.

Oh! That event, and happened in Indian cinema, can someone pinch me!

Before that, we raise watching Hollywood movies, like Jurassic Park, Avatar, Avengers, Fast and Furious, and a lot more of that stuff, and gripped our seat tightly so as not to fly with them.

My goodness, all the adventures, the fantasy of some extra-terrestrial world.

Our eyes were not used to it?

But the Indian audience deserved to be served something superb, this idea was taken by him instantly.

We have never seen those things before, but one man called SS Rajamouli make it possible. He came with the Bahubali, and Its sequel Bahubali 2 after two years.

Bahubali is not his only hunt, SS Rajamouli has a very successful carrier as a director before that also. Making Maga Dheera, and more other fantasy and the adventure-based periodic film is his signature style.

Nowadays he is the busiest and one of the wealthiest directors counted based on charging the projects.

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