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Earning money in Bollywood need to have some contact so that your Movie story bought by any producer. Until this happens what else you can do to keep writing and get required result—either start your own production house and get renowned actors to work for you or get the Bollywood contact directory where you can get the detailed information of all the producers in the industry. Moreover, if you can visit any film events, award shows, and other Bollywood functions where you can present your story.

Before introduction of Film Directory

How people used to work in earlier days when there was no Indian film directory, they struggle one producer’s office to another seeking appointment, and also fetching contact numbers of the producers from another person. Now the film India is providing the Bollywood film directory in which you will get all the contact information of the producers, the story writes, directors, financiers, actors, and other industry personals just like phone directory we use at our home.

Where you can get it?

It is hardbound directory available online which provide contact information, email id and phone number and address of the celebrities. You do not need to search the name randomly as it is mentioned alphabetically. The film India Bollywood contact directory is organized alphabetically so that you can search the person, place, and event accordingly. Moreover, it contains beginner and renowned celebrities contact number so that they also get the business through it.


The Bollywood phone directory contains the complete industry information and helps in building contacts in the industry so that you can get the business and also provide the career opportunity to others. Bollywood music directory helps in getting touches in the Bollywood industry for newcomers.