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There was a time when smartphones were merely a device used for communication, but the situations have changed in this modern era. Apart from helping users to get a lot of their tasks completed, smartphones have a major platform for entertainment.



There are tons of apps in both App Store and Google Play Store for the entertainment purpose through films and music, but not enough apps to provide you information regarding your favorite movies, music, celebrities, singers and much more.


Are you looking for one such app that provides you with the directory of all film and music industry? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Here, I will provide you with the introduction of the best app for catching up with all the updated information- The Film India App. This app consists of 337 categories which include the Names, Addresses, Contact Numbers, Email- Ids and websites of all the people connected with the Indian film and music industry in a Book and Digital format.


Some of the key features of this app are-


1.Access to Database

It allows access the Film Industry database with an easy to use interface

2.Advanced Search

You can search options to look for categories and film industry professionals


Provides various subscription options to suit your needs and timelines

4.Digital Platform

It is an alternative to purchasing the physical directories


Some other factors that make the app special live updates, on the go feature and the fact that one subscription covers access to all categories and listings.

Hope this blog helped you seek the information you were looking for!