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To unbox the formula to appear in the Indian Films, we are ready!
Are Why can`t a common street Boy or Girl feel the ground moving beneath?
We the son of a lesser god? Or Godfather, is the right term here?

Yes, I’m not kidding, the Indian Film Industry has seen, the stars from speck to sky. The List is endless but uncompleted without you. We are born and brought in very filmy style, the talent is like scattered in the street and gullies, without discrimination. The movie’s song, scenes, and dialogues are like an everyday hobby since our earliest of Childhood.

Everybody is not born with a silver spoon in mouth, and family of Kapoor, Khans, and Bachanns. The real fact apart from roomers is that, to get work you don’t have to be one of them.

The metal of talent in you and rocklike determination in you is good enough.

What are our easy Tips for You

From our end, we are giving you a well-documented, collected genuine contact numbers, email address, all profile of the elite stars, directors, musicians, composure, singers, and every small n big workforce in the Indian Film Industry of the recent era.

This work is initiated in 1985 by Ramesh Malhotra living in the hub of the Bollywood industry in Bandra Mumbai.

Not only that they also launched an app called The Film India Directory App, which can be downloaded by Google Play easily.

Solving the problems of struggles and newcomers in Bollywood

To outreach the real problems of the beginners in the Filmy merry world, it is problematic if you don’t have any network and contact.

Everybody is not born with a celebrity background, and to approach them is like an extra-terrestrial job. You may own talent as a boon, smart photogenic face, and all the fire in eyes, but all are in vain unless and until you find some contacts, someone to talk on your behalf to promote you there.

We came with some superb, fascinating thought to cater to your struggle and share it like a friend or smart Godfather in the unknown, cunning, brutal Bollywood world.

You are supposed to do only one little thing for your dreams, just purchase the latest collection of The Film India Directory available online at online@thefilmindia.com.

This Directory is secure and genuine work, we are more interested in giving your talent a say. We can provide you with ladders, you have to climb for success, and that also avoid you to fall in traps of fraudulent agents of the industry with lucrative false dreams.

Other Works to Launch you Properly

You may also view many platforms, Show buzz, talent hunt show auditions, modelling concerts and selections, and many casting in advertisements agencies.

The app The Film India Directory App itself is so dynamic, in which you can make your self-audition and list the quality video for our selection panels and judges.

Which latter on if selected by Filmy celebrities and directors, truly speaking you may get CHANCE! To be part of their next project, coming soon.

This work of Contacts in the form of Directory is well appreciated and purchased a lot to peep in the Bollywood Buzz. Our dream should get paramount priority if lady luck is with you, who knows you may be the next superstar of Filmistan.