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Bollywood is the largest film and entertainment industry. This industry has a huge list of fans. Billions of fans around the world follow the stars. Actors and actresses are the icon of the fans and the audience. An important people want to build their career in the film industry. The generation has changed and the audience follows its male and female icon in social networks and they are in contact. There are a lot of social media forms available to get in touch with the leading stars. The fans talk to their favourite stars through social networks and there is another way to connect with these superstars. Indian Film and Music Directory is great way to get in touch with superstars.


Bollywood Actors Mobile Number

Our world is altering day by day as of up to date technology and updated modern equipments and same happen in the Bollywood. If we look behind 10 years, there is random use of mobile phones. Major Actors and actress have phones to get in touch with the world which can be obtain from Indian film directory. At https://www.thefilmindia.com you get a list of mobile numbers of all leading Bollywood stars. Lots of actress & actors are on social media and you can follow them or like their official page to get updated with their status.

Bollywood Stars Personal Mobile Numbers

Here at the film India a Bollywood Film Directory is the list of all major celebrities with their personal mobile numbers.

So browse Bollywood Contact Directory and get a complete detail.