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What is the metal in you that can leave the audience stunning at you? Or
Which organ of yours make you launch fluent dialogues on the silver screen?

Wait a while! Or is there something else which is charismatic to get a break in Bollywood?
All these common queries keep on ticking in any young aspirant. As we all know that Bollywood is a multi-million industry, and to work with it is even more fascinating. We are always dreaming of Bollywood even with eyes open, since our earliest childhood. The dialogues of famous actors, the melodious songs of our Gen are always been part of our life.

Film Directory at your service

Ever since some wise people like our director Ramesh Malhotra is serving a vast majority of talented youngsters, who came up with the contact directory as a product for a common talented artist.
This Film India Directory is a sublime collection of all the contact details including the mobile number, email address, residential address, along with the total information of Bollywood celebrities.

Not just that The Film India Directory also provide with the contact detail of many singers, music directors, casting directors, event managements, writers, auditions holders and many in and out contacts of managers and their workforce.

The uses of Contact Details

These contact details are of immense importance for talented aspirants to get some work to get an appearance or an early breakthrough in the upcoming project.
Apart from that these contact can be used to meet some of our stars, have pics alongside the likes of Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan, Hritik Roshan.  At most, we can invite them to our event as hosts and spent some quality time with our beloved stars of a lifetime.

The Talent Hunt is Always ONN

The Bollywood Film Industry is like a galaxy of the stars, new starlets come and the previous vanishes. You never know! U might be the next one. This is a very big industry and always in the hunt for fresh faces, so keep your finger crossed and take advantage of our initiative of The Film India Directory, which is also available in the form of Mobile app, CD and Book. The talent is your wealth but we provide the keys to success for your dream ahead. We are welcoming your thoughts, comments, and queries if any than mail us at – online@thefilmindia.com