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The debate over Talent VS Contacts in any industry is as old as the debate over Nature vs. Nurture. While there are many who say that talent, skill and knowledge are all that matters in any career or industry, there are others who claim that networking and contacts in the industry is as important. There is a perception, however, that the Hindi film industry falls into the latter category, one where networking and contacts and the familiarity bred by such formal relationships have more impact on the success of your business than your own talent and aptitude. So you’ve recently made the move to Bollywood to work in film or television, but you don’t know anyone in the business. That can definitely be rough, but it’s also not necessarily an impossible situation. It’s important to never underestimate the power of any contacts to someone in town. Learning how to get into the entertainment industry can be a huge challenge. After all, if it were easy, everyone would do it. Taking the steps to figure out how to break into the entertainment industry without contacts can seem overwhelming, yet remember that people just like you do it every day. List yourself in the Film India Directory with correct details to reach the appropriate people to gain success in your business in Bollywood. If you have still not enrolled your details in the film directory, do it immediately.