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We have grown up watching movies, adoring our movie stars and believing that Bollywood is a concurrent universe, loads away from the outsider to the industry and common man. this is one of the most competitive industry in the world.

Like many in the film industry, kids from film families follow the same path of their parents and end up taking the same profession of their forbearer. But that does not mean that Bollywood is hostile to ‘outsiders’. In fact, there have been various success stories in the film industry of people who have made it big in the industry with hard work and perseverance, and appropriate contacts, networking and connections.

Kananga Ranawat is a relevant example of one such case, being an outsider but making it big in Bollywood.to achieve her goal and pursue her choice of career came to Mumbai and auditioned for her first movie Gangster and was rejected. However, after a few months, Anurag Basu called up to confirm my role in the movie. In an interview, Kananga Ranawat had quoted ‘When I made it big, I realized talent is not the only thing relevant in this industry but even contacts is important’.

Networking is crucial to making it in the film industry, but what’s the best way to go about it?  Film India contact directory is a way to gain contacts and details of the needed people and even entering your contact details in the directory. This will help give you an understanding of the industry and people you have to work with and may provide valuable contacts for your career. not only the directory but Thanks to the internet and online film India contact directory, it has become way easier to contact people, research available positions and apply for jobs and attract potential employers that are looking for new recruits.

Entering the film industry is a tough step that is often overwhelming for newcomers but now the contact directory has made it much easier even for the outsiders to achieve their dreams.