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Making a successful career in Bollywood is too difficult for every individual, it a very hard market to break than the other one. Working in Bollywood is definitely not easy like get into as working into as McDonalds or processing insurance claims at LIC.

Putting step in Bollywood for newcomers is very complicated and problematic, individuals spend their day and nights giving their best with the soul into their finest masterpiece the music industry’s “not-everyone’s-cup-of-tea” this is a large reason this industry is very successful and earring 50 billion annually.

The main components that through lights on the music industry are the recording Labels, Publishing companies, Licensing companies, artists and fans. Getting all these components to work together makes it easier to find new ways and ideas to enter the music scene. The different companies also have the same departments with many producers and leaders who know some major contacts and there is also music directory service available in the market to get enter the music industry so you can work at any targeted major record label. 

With the Aim of being separate and each other competitors, these companies are all connected at the level of being in the one music industry. Most people will recommend internships or Bollywood music directory services where you get the huge number of producer and music director’s contacts so you can slowly climb the ladder from bottom to the top. But that’s not enough for those who have put everything into their music, who have quit their profession and are willing to work with the music industry and deserved to be here in Bollywood. 

So how do you use the different mechanisms to get into the music industry?

  • Work as an intern even if you would not get any penny for at least 6-8 months. Develop your relationship in the music industry.  
  • Write and souk your songs to already well-reputable record artists and bands and use that leverage to new opportunities. 
  • Get Push your Songs to Major Music Directors. 
  • Build a Good Presence at all Major Industry functions and Events. 

At first attempt, these seem a bit complicated, by following these steps you should be able to get in the music industry, as long your music is qualified for unique, interesting and sellable.