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Who doesn’t like the Film Industry and the stardom that comes with it? Who doesn’t get the fluttery feeling in their stomach when Shahrukh Khan spreads his arm for his lover or who doesn’t cry when Arijit Singh pierces their hearts with his beautiful music?


In this modern era of entertainment, mostly Indian has dreamed to become a Bollywood celebrity at least once if not more. And even those who don’t wish to become a star will jump at the opportunity to get to work with the grand blockbusters in other professions. But the question is “How does one get to join the Bollywood industry?” 

The above question is answered by the film India app which not only provides data about all Indian Bollywood celebrities including the film and music sector but also creates a platform for budding artists and other professionals to list their names for the jobs in the industry.

Yes, you read it right! You can apply for various categories through the Film India app like actors, directors, associate producers, bands, caterers, beauty, salon, healthcare, singers, lyricists, writers, car hirers, casting directors, dancers, models, musicians, RJs, sound effects, light effects DJs, Editors, Stylists, financers, journalists, accountants and so much more.

You just need to follow a basic procedure by providing your data on their app/website and pay the amount based on the number of categories you wish to apply for. This makes the task too easy for the talented people who don’t have enough contact to get their footing in the Bollywood industry.