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In today’s media world there is a cut-throat competition in the field of music and singing and this has lead to a new group of talent hunt and many reality shows. These days, everything is commercialized. So, one needs to smart and should struggle for hard to get appreciated and recognized to top music production. Here comes a necessity of reality show and talent hunt programs, many music production companies and casting agencies closely keep an eye on every talent hunt shows, and the talent of each participant on screen. In fact, in India there are so many television shows that help emerges new and fresh talent in the music industry. Participating in this reality shows is one of the most effective ways to make your career, thereby this reality shows are now opening new success doors of opportunities for several unnoticed individuals who want to make their career in singing.

In India reality shows like Indian Idol, Rising Star, and Sa Re Ga Ma are gathering huge popularity and fan following for the individuals who want to make their career in singing in Bollywood. These talent hunt shows are enormously popular among the audience and usually the auditions are a mad rush.

The entertainment industry in India i.e. Bollywood has found its tie-ups in this century. In other words it has come of age. Television is an indispensable mode of the entertainment industry. Television is also ripening in India. If we go back in the last century we have been recognized that Indian cinema is widely connected to the world with the unnoticeable talent of India. Today many individuals from the world want to make their career in Indian cinemas. Coming to television it was flagging as there were many programs connected to Indian Cinema only. But with the advent of Reality talent hunt shows television viewing has taken a different dimension.

Before the emergence of Reality shows the music directors took the shortest way to work with the same talent of singers and the young talent of India to remain unsung and unnoticeable. These Reality shows have given such talented singers a popular platform to showcase their talent and draw the attention of music directors of all hues.

In short, these new talent hunt shows are giving a huge opportunity to the youngsters and creating a platform where you can showcase your talent. It not only gives you international viewership but also provides a stage where you can be judged without any typecasts or biases.