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Who is facilitating you to become Star Instantly?

Is there any platform to get noticed in Bollywood Arena?

Do you know that The Film India is making a talent Hunt? We are adding every performance by you in our addition like the Film India App, which can be easily downloaded by Google play store. We are the most trusted talent Mentor. The Film India Directory and App by Ramesh Malhotra is the most celebrated collection, of all the details and phone numbers of actors, directors, writers, musicians, and many more artists which are often of great help to launch the talent within you.

How is the Film India Directory and app helpful?

Let’s see how it work stepwise-

  • There is a function in our app, that u could upload your performance, say anything like acting, singing, playing a musical instrument, writing, lyrics writing, or any dance.
  • We then publish these work in front of all Bollywood company producers and Directors who are going to analyse the work categorically due to their need.
  • In this way we are programming online audition for you, truly speaking these online auditions have provided many chances to resent actors.
  • The profile and videos you upload should be super fine quality, with clear background and lively performance.

Bollywood and it’s Working

What is sometimes very annoying, is the fact that you are not getting justifying a chance to leave the audience talk about your performance. The industry of Bollywood is so vast and fascinating that you need the proper source to contacts to get noticed.

 The Film India Directory is a great tool to get the details of all the actors, musicians, directors, writers, choreographers and much more related workforce under one collection.

So hurry up! And collect your edition of The Film India directory soon. If you are willing to get more information please contact our email-online@thefilmindia.com