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About Us

Welcome to Film India.


Updated Information is one of the key ingredients in the success of Film India Directory. It consists of 388 Categories which includes the Names, Addresses, Contact Numbers, Email-Ids and Websites of all the people connected with the Indian Film, TV & Music Industry in a book format and Mobile App.


Since 1985 our hard-work, focus and concentration is to provide our clientele a true and updated information.


Film India Directory was established by Ramesh Malhotra, and with so many years of continuous quality publications, we emerge as market leaders in publications of the Indian Film, TV & Music Industry. Film India Directory has brought the industry closer, as it is useful not only as an information provider, but also as a powerful communicator to improve the working conditions of the Indian Film Industry.


We provide you with 2 releases in a year 

Film India Directory - Economic Edition – Includes Bollywood Industry Database + Sports Personalities

Film India Directory - Jumbo Edition – includes Bollywood + Chennai +Hyderabad + Kerala + Gujarat + Marathi + Punjab and the entire Music Industry database – Includes Musicians + Bands + Live Show Performers + Dancers + Reality Show Participants.


This is an "Exclusively Bollywood Information Network" - that helps your business grow beyond your marketplace.